Birchbox Limited Edition Strong Start Box

We are pumped to partner with the company that created subscription boxes - Birchbox - for their Limited Edition: Strong Start Box. The special box includes a sporty mix of essentials to start the year strong - from essential beauty products to our very own Core Earbuds.


The crew from Birchbox unboxed the entire box on Periscope earlier this year. Take a look:



Spinning. Barre. Aerial Rope Classes. The choices for fitness are seemingly endless these days. But between ClassPass and our new Limited Edition Box, you can try it all and get serious about your workout plans. It’s brimming with products to take you from your first workout to the top of the leaderboard (which won’t be long when you get into the routine). From a top-rated water bottle to a refreshing face mist and a grease-combating dry shampoo, this collection will keep you motivated—and your health goals on track.

 Here's a review from Dara:

I had been wanting to try the whish shave cream, bombas socks and bkr bottle and if I had bought them all separately I would've paid the same price for this entire box. The box itself was adorable, saving it to keep some random stuff in. I decided I didn't like the shave cream, it was a little watery and I couldn't stand the scent. I ended up really liking the headphones, they're perfect for working out and it's nice that they have so many options for a good fit. The socks were awesome, just need to get myself to buy some more since they're pretty pricey. The lip balm was ok, it's supposed to give you a pink tint, which it did but it had almost a greasy texture so I wasn't crazy about it. Overall, this box was a great buy!