Meet Rachael Hall, Operations

Note: This is one blog, in a series of blogs where you meet people from #TeamJLab (Insiders) - and get a peak into the inner workings of JLab Audio and what drives us to be the most accessible audio company in the industry. Our mission is to enhance an active lifestyle through incredible sound, inspired design, and innovative technology without the rockstar price.


Meet Rachael

Next to my husband of 18 years, travel is my second love. I thrive on seeing new things, experiencing different cultures, eating new foods and expanding my knowledge and view of the world. I also enjoy learning, which is something that happens every day, being part of the JLAB team.

Rachael's Favorite Tunes

Music motivates me when I need a boost of energy and it relaxes me when I need an escape. One of the things I really enjoy about music is how it makes me feel. Music is what feelings sound like! I love how memories are tied to some songs, and you’ll forever go back to that place and time when you hear that song.

I would have to say 80’s and R&B are my favorite but I love many genres of music. Here at JLAB we stream a large variety of music. I love that because often I will hear styles of music or a band I am not familiar with and discover I like it!! Expanding my horizon daily….


Top 5 JLab Products

Best for outdoors: The Bouncer Bluetooth Speaker is GREAT for the back yard. I use it to stream music whether entertaining or doing yard work. The remote control that comes with it is compact and easy to keep handy in a pocket. The rear USB port is a nice feature because it makes charging my smart phone easy.


Best for work: At work I use the Core Custom Fit Earbuds. They not only sound great but the gel tips and cush fins are very comfortable and as a result I am able to wear them for extended periods of time.


Best for in the house: The Omni Bluetooth Headphones are incredibly comfortable and have become very useful in my home. They come in handy when one person needs quiet and another wants to listen to music. The battery life is unbelievable and because they are Bluetooth, you can move easily throughout the house.


Best for fitness: Recently I started using the Fit 2.0 Earbuds. The Memory Wire ear hook creates an awesome custom fit with the added bonus of being sweat proof. Perfect for my weekend hikes.


Husband’s favorite: A favorite of my husband is the Crasher Speaker because it is compact, portable and perfect for using while doing projects around the house, particularly in the garage. It is has excellent battery life and you can even take a phone call through it keeping your hands free to keep working on that project.


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