NFL Players Love JLab Audio's Epic Bluetooth Earbuds


While NFL fans everywhere anxiously watched for weeks, awaiting Super Bowl XLIX, three NFL football players prepped for their big games with JLab Audio. Max Unger and Greg Scruggs with the Seattle Seahawks, and Casey Hayward with the Greenbay Packers all prepped with the Epic Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. Up to two weeks before the big game, they trusted JLab's premium quality earbuds and here's what they told their fans on Twitter,


Huge thanks to for sending me these #EPIC Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds  

This is how I with my dope Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds!

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After Greenbay fell to the Seahawks, Hayward's "can't stop won't stop" attitude showed his passion for the game and love of JLab's Epic Bluetooth Earbuds


Bluetooth Earbuds can't stop won't stop! 10 hr battery life! Say whaaaaat! So legit!


NFL fans nationwide made plans for Super Bowl XLIX parties, prepping spreadsheets, food, and drinks, Unger and Scruggs prepped for their trip to Arizona. Here's what they had to say during their big game prep.


prep with ! Blood sweat & tear proof Bluetooth Earbuds are epic

Greg Scruggs @G_Scruggs · Jan 29

Pumpin that bass on my sick new Bluetooth Earbuds! Wireless at its best!!


After Superbowl XLIX came to an end wrapping up the NFL season, we are so proud of these players and how hard they worked on and off the field. We are so thankful that we could provide three of the top athletes in the NFL with the highest quality bluetooth earbuds on the market, the Epic Bluetooth Premium Earbuds. If you want to #RockItOut and prep for your big game, don't take our word for it, take Max Unger and Greg Scruggs of the Seattle Seahawks, and Casey Hayward of the Greenbay Packer's word for it, the Epic Bluetooth Earbuds are just that, #EPIC.