Meet Reed Crawford, Industrial Designer

Note: This is one blog, in a series of blogs where you meet people from #TeamJLab (Insiders) - and get a peak into the inner workings of JLab Audio and what drives us to be the most accessible audio company in the industry. Our mission is to enhance an active lifestyle through incredible sound, inspired design, and innovative technology without the rockstar price.

Meet Reed

I love lamp.

My Favorite Tunes

I’m a music fanatic and I love all things technology/innovation. Its only natural that I try to meld these two loves to create the best user experiences in each and every new product.


Top 5 JLab Products

Best for running: I use theEpic Bluetooth Earbuds for long runs. Then I’ll use theEpic Premium Earbuds for weightlifting, which gives a good seal to block out the Justin Bieber pollution at the gym.



Best for phone calls: I’ll use the Epic Premium Earbuds and the Omni Bluetooth Headphones. Both sound great and have a great clarity over the mic, even with an abundance of ambient noise… so my mom tells me.



Best under $50: Epic Premium Earbuds due to the impeccable sound and the custom fit.  Even if I’m a little biased, all my audio friends are convinced these are stellar. 



Best for travel: I like theCore Earbuds for long flights. They are so comfortable I even fall asleep in the ‘crying babies with kid kicking your seat’ isle.



Wife’s favorite: Because she doesn't love in-ear earbuds or huge over the ear headphones, she found that she loves the new Neon Headphones!

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