10 Tips for Caring for Your Earbuds or Headphones

We all have that pair of (JLab) headphones or earbuds that we use vigorously and beat up. You probably feel as if you just bought them and you’ve already put them through the worst. So we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on cleaning and caring for your earbuds in order to keep them in tip-top shape a little longer from all that wear and tear.

  1. For Bluetooth earbuds or headphones, if they have been exposed to moisture of any type we suggest cleaning with a dry cloth especially after biking, running, or any other form of exercise. 
  2. For wired earbuds or headphones, we suggest using a damp cloth to clean off after they've been exposed to moisture or sweat (such as if you were to get caught running in the rain) then let them air dry. 
  3. When cleaning eartips, take them off the earbuds first to rinse off, then dry with a cloth before putting them back in place. It's important to clean the eartips individually off of the earbud after a lot of use to avoid wax build up or to protect that eartip that fits perfectly from falling apart. 
  4. Avoid getting sweat or moisture in the charging port, make sure the micro USB door is closed tight after charging to prevent moisture from getting into the microelectronic components and damaging. When you do go to charge them, make sure they are completely dry. If in doubt, open all doors to the electronics (where applicable like with our Epic2 charging port) and leave it open at least for a day or overnight.
  5. If you believe moisture has gotten into the microelectronic components, controls or other parts of the headphones, be sure to let them dry out for a minimum of one day before testing them or using them again.  
  6. Avoid leaving your earbuds in places with extreme heat or cold. An example of extreme heat is on your car dashboard or seat during the summer months where temperatures get above 90 degrees. Extreme cold could be a similar situation in the winter months. 
  7. Avoid adding stress to the cable like pulling or bending at a sharp angle, such as pulling your earbuds tighter with the wire or bunching them up real tight to store away. 
  8. If there is wax build up in your earbuds (it happens, we know) it could be lowering the sound quality; clean the eartips or earcups with a cotton swab or cloth. We recommend taking off the eartip, cleaning the tips along with the actual earbud with a cloth. If you lose a tip, we've got your back! Reach out to support@jlabaudio.com.
  9. Make sure you store headphones or earbuds in a safe location (as if you were caring for sunglasses) so they won’t be as easily susceptible to damage. 
  10. After a sweaty workout, try to remember to wipe them off with a dry cloth as an extra care step (all our earbuds and headphones have an IP rating so they can hold up against sweat).

We recommend you treat your headphones and earbuds like you would treat your phone or any electronic, with lots of attention and care to ensure you get good time with them. Regardless, we've got your back with our lifetime warranty (wired products) or one-year warranty (Bluetooth products).