CES 2023 — JLab Press Coverage

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It was an incredible week for JLab at CES 2023! From Audio to Computer Peripherals, to Hearing Health, the excitement for JLab products was stronger than ever - including winning Best of CES awards from Tech Radar and Reviewed.com. Here’s some amazing coverage on the innovation to come for JLab in 2023:

REVIEWED.COM – CES Editors’ Choice Award (Work Buds)

“True wireless earbuds are great for running, working out in the gym, and commuting. Now, JLab is hoping to make them the primary choice for everyday work. The JLab Work Buds are engineered for life on the job, with a detachable boom mic that can be affixed to either earbud and plenty of battery life to get you through a shift.”

TECHRADARBest of CES 2023 Award (Work Buds)

“You know when you see something that doesn't register much with you at first, but you can't stop thinking about it? That was us with the JLab Work Buds…They're a first, they're clever, and we actually really really want them – what could make them more award-worthy than that?”


“Ever since the US Food and Drug Administration authorized over-the-counter sales of hearing aids last year, we’ve been anticipating a wave of devices to enter the scene at far more digestible prices than the thousands of dollars they usually cost…JLab wants to dip prices even further with a pair that costs 10 times less…and while it’s still smart to be cautious about overly cheap hearing aids, it’s worth celebrating such an accessible device, especially given how highly we typically rate JLab’s audio products.”

WIRED (JBuds Mini)

“JLab’s Tiny Earbuds Have Won My Heart - Have you ever seen such tiny, tiny little nuggets? I raced into JLab’s suite at Caesar’s Palace with only one goal in mind, and that was to look at their new Minis…In person, these precious buds fit in the palm of my hand with room to spare and fit my insanely tiny ear canals.”

GIZMODO (JBuds Mini)

“For 2023, JLab will be introducing its new JBuds Mini, which it claims come in a charging case that’s 30% smaller than what the GO Air POP wireless earbuds included, and even smaller than the Apple AirPods’ charging case, which is one of the smallest and easiest wireless earbud cases to slip into a pocket.”

ReviewGeek (JLab Epic Lab Edition)

“JLab is finally ready to offer high-end earbuds for its fans. While the company has a wide array of options, the new JLab Epic Lab Edition will run $199 and promise to be the brand’s “best-sounding” earbuds to date…With the $199 Epic Air Lab, you’ll get a new hybrid dual driver design, active noise cancellation (ANC), ambient sound mode, touch controls, and all-day battery life.”

Digital Trends (JLab Epic Lab Edition)

“JLab also has something new for those who want a more premium wireless experience…arriving in the fall, the $199 JLab Epic Lab Edition earbuds use a hybrid driver design that combines a 10mm dynamic driver and a Knowles balanced armature (B.A.) driver. JLab says this produces the most detailed, balanced, and clear sound the company has ever achieved from a set of earbuds.”

Android Police (JLab Epic Lab Edition)

“JLab has always been a budget brand, but next year, it is diversifying into the flagship segment. The $200 Epic Air Lab Edition earbuds are designed to compete with other high-end offerings, sporting a hybrid dual-driver design, active noise cancelation (ANC), and touch controls like the smaller JBuds Mini. JLabs understandably touts this new true-wireless option as its best-sounding product to date.”

To us, innovation is about bringing new life and thinking to oft-neglected product categories, not simply copying what others are doing; and CES was the perfect stage to showcase that vision.