CES 2020 Featuring GO Air

This year was the 53rd annual CES exhibition, where technology was making waves and advancing incredibly. From virtual screens and robot ping pong, to audio galore and recyclable batter technology cars, there were countless things to enjoy at CES. JLab was thrilled to be there and show off our newest edition to the JLab family: GO Air offering 20+hours of playtime, 20% smaller with a slimmer and easily accessible case, dual connect, touch sensors, and Custom EQ3, all for $29.

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The Verge

GO Air truly shook the audience. We were featured in The Verge for being one of the lowest priced earbuds with 20+hours of total playtime in the audio industry:

“JLab’s latest pair of true wireless earbuds, the JLab GO Air are some of the cheapest we’ve ever come across from a named brand. They cost just $29, which is cheaper than replacing the battery in a single AirPod, or the same price as replacing a damaged AirPod under AppleCare+.”



Impressing our viewers of how efficient the GO Air is for its cost. MSN agrees:

“I'll admit I had very low expectations for a set of $29 true wireless earbuds. Whether it's fair or not, there's a certain price point every one associates with quality, especially with true wireless earbuds. Not anymore. JLab's Go Air is a solid set of earbuds that fall into the territory of impulse-buy, instead of carefully considered investment."


The Marketing Team had a fun time attending the Pepcom Media Event at The Mirage, where they introduced the GO Air. The price and total playtime spoke for itself; GO Air was a hit! There is no doubt, our price is unbeatable. 

Runner's World:

As an Editors' Choice for and favorite for running tech, Runner's World pointed out the price and quality of GO Air:

"Nope, JLab didn’t forget a zero on the price tag; these truly wireless buds really do cost $30."
"For less than your next 5K entry fee, you’ll get over 20 hours of playtime with the included charging case, sweat-resistant touch controls, a built-in microphone to take calls or chat with Siri, and three gel ear tips to dial in the fit."



Why get 9 hours when you can have 40? Engadget compared the cost and total hours of playtime with the GO Air and Powerbeats Pro. And we couldn't help but enjoy the commentary from Engadget readers:

"The five-hour battery life is fine, but won't make you regret buying the nine-hour Powerbeats Pro."

"Wouldn't it? I could literally buy 8 pairs of these for the price of those. You get 9 hours? I get 40 hours because I bought 8."


Gear Patrol:

Gear Patrol compared GO Air with Apple, Sony, and Bose:

"JLab just announced its newest pair of wireless earbuds, called the JLab GO Air, and their standout feature is price: they cost just $29. Yes, that’s less than $30 for wireless earbuds that can do many of the same things as your current $150+ wireless earbuds by Apple, Sony or Bose."



GO Air continues to make an impression with the following brands, Apple and Sony:

"Decent wirefree earbuds can now be found for less money than ever. The new $30 JLab Go Air have most of the same bells and whistles as much more expensive models from Apple and Sony—five hours of battery life, IPX4 sweat resistance, and a compact design—but at a fraction of the price, making them an excellent choice for cash-strapped listeners."


CES was a huge success. The GO Air was given incredible feedback regarding its price, total hours of playtime, and its features. The JLab Team can't wait for what is in store for 2020 and whats to come at CES 2021.