Convenient Hot Keys and Media Knob

We know you’re good at your job – and we’re here to make it easier/faster/better/funner 💪 with shortcuts. All JLab keyboards and mice come with pre-mapped hot keys for your convenience and a super-sweet media knob. (For extra, extra convenience, check out the Work App in the JBuds and Epic models)


The media knob on your new JLab keyboards is your one stop shop for volume control and the play/pause functions of your device. This includes your laptop, iPhone, Android, and even your tablet.

Given that JLab has been traditionally an audio company our teams personally can’t get through a workday without some jams. That’s why we have our volume and play/pause controls mapped directly to the media knob for easy access to controlling our tidal playlists.


Shortcut keys are programmed into your keyboard function keys that you can use every day to save some time. Here’s the list of shortcut keys across various devices:


  • Dan (JLab’s Marketing Director) loves using F11 to screenshot photos other people took of his band. The perfect way to get the perfect Instagram grab.
  • Marisa (Content Creator Extraordinaire) uses F1 and F2 to adjust the brightness on her screen. (She wears glasses so you can’t be careful enough!
  • Itzel’s (Marketing Coordinator) got a long going on.. She uses F4 to show all her “in use” applications!
  • Jared (Digital Marketing Manager) likes to talk...That’s why we integrated his mute button directly into his keyboard for easy access on zoom calls.
  • Inigo on JLab’s finance team LIVES in Excel, he’s mapped his extra hotkeys on his Epic Keyboard to Ctrl + n – to open a new Workbook, Ctrl + O – to open Existing Workbook and Alt + W – for the go to Data tab
  • Jordan (UI Designer)has S + Enter mapped to his hot key on his JBuds keyboard for soft word breaks in his designs

In addition to pre-mapped hot-keys, the Epic keyboard has three designated unmapped buttons allowing you to map your favorite functions to easy access keys.

Let us know how you’ll use your hotkeys and shortcut keys in the comments below!