eMLS Cup Recap

Do you game? What do you play? We got to head down to Austin for the eMLS cup this past weekend, and had an absolute blast! 27 high energy pro gamers got together with a crowd of 500 amped up audience members for a wild 4 hour FIFA tournament.

Keep in mind...This is the first time eMLS has hosted a live event in TWO years! Safe to say everyone was absolutely stoked to be there. The excitement levels we're high, but in the end there could only be one eMLS cup champion. Did you know the each MLS team has their own eMLS gamer?

JLab Play Pro Gaming Headset

All 27 gamers rocked the JLab Play Pro Gaming Headset throughout the entirety of the event. We even made custom headphones for the players to wear on stage!

JLab X eMLS Pickup Game

The fun actually started the night before the big event when JLab hosted all the eMLS players to a crossbar challenge and a game of footie! While none of the players actually hit the crossbar, one talented little dude surprised us all and nailed the crossbar on the first try! Safe to say there was quite the celebration that followed.

Half time Segment

JLab sponsored a segment with @KingCJ0 where he discussed his gaming setup and of course his JLab Play Pro Gaming Headset. Check it out below!

So who won the cup?

We're so excited to announce that our partner club (Atlanta United) got to take home the cup with Paulo Neto.