Fitting your JBuds Frames

JBuds Frames feature a BYOF (bring your own frames) design. This design allows users to attach Frames to any type of eyewear with a temple width less than 4mm.

Two hooks secure JBuds Frames onto regular glasses, sunglasses, and reading glasses, so you can listen with your own personal style. Speaking of style… Glasses come in different shapes and sizes such as aviators, wayfarers, and sport glasses.

JBuds Frames can appropriately fit on eyewear that have a temple width shorter than 4mm.

For glasses that have a thin temple:

  • JBuds Frames come with 4 silicone sleeves that help accommodate various sizes of eyewear temples. 
  • The sleeves allow greater security and a tighter fit on glasses that have thin temples as seen below  


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