Gaming Terminology

Here are some tips to broaden your knowledge as a gamer and how to achieve a desirable experience. Plus, some features you will expect when using some of our products.

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  • Low Latency- is measured in milliseconds, and it is the quality of the connection between your network and the device. This is completely separate from speed, where most people get confused. To play your best game, the lower the latency will always be the better.
  • Low Speed- is measured in units, and it is the quantity of movementtraveled at a time. This is simply how fast your game is.
  • Lagging Effect- lagging is a big no-go for gamers. "Lag", meaning the amount of skips or delays during your game. You do not want this, it comes from high latency or poor connection from power or server. To play an effortless game, you need to be quick and smooth throughout.
  • Gaming Mode- An option where you can reduce audio lag with low latency settings so all of your sounds can match up to the screen. Hear footsteps, explosions, or opponents without any trouble.
  • Headphones- you MUST have headphones with 100ms or lower latency to achieve the ultimate game experience. The lower the latency, the smoother and faster your game will be. Plus, there will be little to no lagging, so you don't miss a thing.
  • C3 Chatting- we offer this awesome feature for our top gamers and anyone who needs clear conversations. C3 Chatting stands for crystal clear clarity. Dual microphone and stereo audio will give you the best and hassle-free connection. 
  • EQ3 Sound-you can choose your level of gaming audio to tune in vocals and spatial awareness with these preferences: JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost Modes.

These are the most important things you need to know to play your best game. We have a great variety of choice for the ages of 6+ and up. From volume safe mode for young ears, to a booming EQ3 Sound to control how you want to listen.

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