Go Air Tones Neutral Color Headphones For $180 Less Than Beats Fit Pro

Beats has followed in our Go Air Tones fashion by launching neutral shades of Beats Fit Pro.

Go Air Tones ($20) launched in December 2021 in 7 colorways designed to look great with any skin tone. Beats launches in a few days this August and offers 3 new neutral colors of luxury earbuds.

Yesterday, Beats announced their collaboration with a woman who’s become arguably the world’s most famous online celebrity to create these true wireless earbuds.

In a statement to Parade magazine, Oliver Schusser, Vice President of Beats and Apple Music, said, “They’re meant to be fashion accessories as much as earbuds that can be a statement and match any given look.”

Our Go Air Tones come in 7 tones to best fit you and your natural skin tone and undertones, instead of you having to fit into one of their 3 different shades.

We say: the more choices, the better.

JLab collaborated with color scientists at ORLY to create seven tones that complement any style or makeup.

Go Air Tones in a variety of shade options to best fit you

In addition to fashion, many of our customers love that their bosses and teachers can’t easily see them. Don’t worry, we won’t tell on you.

And while we can’t match Beats’ overpriced celebrity endorsement or luxury fashion, we do offer more color options that cost 90% less.

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of the differences between products:

Go Air Tones vs. Beats Fit Pro

Go Air Tones ($20) comes in seven colors versus three for Beat Fit Pro ($199), with 32 hours total playtime versus 24. The new Beats editions feature a wing for secure fit and active noise canceling. Both have the same IPX4 sweat resistance. The Tones are 15% smaller and 40% lighter.

Color Options

JLab’s Go Air Tones come in 7 Pantone color options: 155 N, 474 C, 728 N, 7572 W, 1615 C, 4625 W, and 4975 C.

The new edition of Beats Fit Pro will come in 3 color options, Moon, Dune, and Earth.

Playtime / Battery Life

Both options can keep you listening to your favorite songs all day. With JLab coming on top with 8+ hours earbud playtime compared to their close 6 hours of playtime. Putting ours in their charging case gives them a total playtime of 32+ hours, theirs also comes with a charging case and comes close at 24+ playtime hours.

Overall Fit

Go Air Tones are our best design as they’re 15% smaller than our other earbuds, and come in a charging case that’s 40% lighter. The perfect fit in your ear with 3 different sizes of gel tips included.

Beats Fit Pro are less traditional style with their wingtip feature. Their hook-like shape fits directly in your ear and offers 3 sizes of tips as well.


Side by side comparison of Go Air Tones and Beats Fit Pro

Customizable Sound

Apple is incorporating their signature spatial audio and iPhone users can change the noise control by selecting their AirPods in their bluetooth settings. Android users have to download an app. The Go Air Tones feature JLab’s patented EQ3 which lets people change their sound settings by triple tapping the touch sensor on the left earbud. EQ3 settings include bass boosted, JLab Signature, and balanced.

Noise Cancelation

The new Beats Fit Pro’s offer active noise canceling while the Go Air Tones do not.

If you’re looking for noise canceling earbuds, JLab currently offers our $69 JBuds Air ANC in black, along with our Epic Air ANC for $99 and our Epic Air Sport ANC for $99.


Keep on with your favorite workout activities, whether you need running earbuds or cycling earbuds both Go Air Tones and Beats Fit Pro are sweat and water resistant with their IPX4 rating.


Beats Fit Pro will set you back a pretty penny. With a price tag of $199.99 it's a considerable investment for a simple pair of True Wireless Earbuds.

But if you’re not in the market for celebrity-endorsed luxury earbuds, you can shop our 7 color options of Go Air Tones for just $20.