Jamel Herring Main Event on ESPN

Ladies and gentlemen... The fight of the year is here.

Tune in SATURDAY JULY 2 at 6pm PST on ESPN.

"Herring ready for primetime fights" - ESPN.com

Saturday July 2nd on ESPN, Professional Boxer, Jamel Herring, goes head to head with top world contender Denis Shafikov in the main event at 6 PM PST.

Nicknamed “Semper Fi,” Jamel Herring, is a former US Marine from New York, who served 2 tours in Iraq and boxed for Team USA at the 2012 London Games. He became a professional boxer later that year and has been storming up the 135 lb. ranks ever since with 15 wins, 0 losses, and 8 knock outs under his belt! Read more about Jamel's journey here.

Jamel's last fight was against Luis Eduardo Flores in February 2016, in which he beat him by a unanimous vote from the judges, after 10 rounds. Herring's fast footwork and sharp hands gave him the opportunity to take advantage of Flores's mistakes throughout the fight and claim his biggest victory to date. See his fight against Flores, here.


In order to be the best, you have to train with the best, and that is exactly what Jamel has been doing to prep for this fight against Shafikov. With Coach Mike Stafford, well known for coaching top boxer Adrien Broner, by his side, Jamel will be pushed to the limit and Shafikov to his breaking point.

Jamel's been getting in some sparring sessions with Lamont Peterson, who happens to be in a higher weight class than Jamel, has proven to be particularly beneficial going into final training sessions leading up to the physical fight against Shafikov. His team has fully prepared Jamel for anything Shafikov throws at him. Jamel's feeling strong and confident going into the final 24 hrs until fight night.

With the best in the business in his corner and his favorite training tool around his head pumping major prefight tunes, he's sure to bring it this weekend! Seen not only on Jamel's social media, our social media, and in the ESPN video above, Jamel will be rocking his favorite OMNI Bluetooth Headphones to get pumped up for the fight. Get the look here:


He's in his final stretch to the ring and we couldn't be more excited.

Tune in SATURDAY JULY 2 at 6pm PST on ESPN.

You won’t want to miss this! #ROCKITOUT

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