Let's Turn This Social Distancing Into Creative Inspiration

This time has really created a road block to so many individuals around the world. Loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, working from home, and our health shifting. Instead of focusing on the bad, there are some things that have shifted positively in the world. We have been forced to slow down - and accept that it is okay to do so. We get so caught up in this GO GO GO lifestyle to be the best at what we do; whether it is finances, our job titles, and the competition with one another, that we forget what is really important to us.

With this time of silence, we want you to GO inspire, GO create, GO adventure, and GO connect. When we improve in our personal lives, it will only make us more successful and GO harder on the other things.

After asking our team members what they've been up to during #StayHome, we ended up with 100 replies (and counting) in two days of what we've been up to.


"Running and shooting hoops 4 days a week, and tackling the tundra that is my backyard!"
- Pat Weathers, Sales Manager

"I've been at the kids playground and doing some obscure weightlifting/TRX everyday and when I'm not doing that... watching Netflix."
- Reed Crawford, Chief Design Officer


"I'm dominating the family at pool and puzzles. I'm getting dominated at backgammon."
- Win Cramer, CEO 

"I have been cooking and baking with my family. Taking some time to try new recipes and having the kids help."
-Terra Teat, Chief Marketing Officer

 "In & Out. Family Style..."
- Warren Fosse, E-Commerce Manager

"We spent the weekend playing baseball, cleaning the house, drawing, starting a street gang."
- Ryan Rucker, North America Consumer Electronics Sales Manager

"Enjoying the sunsets, learning how to ride bikes, learning how to learn with my kids."
- Ari Sacal, International Sales


"Getting out in nature and taking the kids for walks to discover new things!"
- Mike Nolan, Chief Revenue Officer

"Spending time exploring the trails around our house and playing lots of music."
- Dan Funk, Retail & International Marketing Manager

"Camping with popcorn and fake fire!"
 -Jennifer Carlson, Executive Assistant

"I have been running a lot, hiking, beachin' it up, studying scuba, reading, drawing, photography, yoga, and catching up with friends!"
- Conor Bellinger, Digital Marketing Specialist


"Studying my scuba diving book, going on hikes with Erin and Ella, bought weights for at home, FaceTiming and catching up with old friends or family i haven’t talked with in a while."
- Madison Walford, Marketing Coordinator

"Reading books. Catching up on shows. Gonna learn how to make my own sourdough starter and start baking bread. Mastering my meat."
- Matthew Bustamante, VP of Operations

"I've been doing a long walk around my neighborhood after work each day, practicing mindfulness, making a DIY plant hanger out of popsicle sticks, explored a new trail in San Marcos with my boyfriend and saw some cool wildflowers, spending time with my plants, and binge watching TV of course."
- Izzy Cuibus, Graphic Designer


"Home improvements."
- Trevor Weidemann, Customer Support Manager

"Painting my fence and art."
- Long Le, Director of Graphic Design

"We have been doing an impossible puzzle my daughter bought. I have done a little gardening. Went for a family beach walk and met my mom. I have been wanting to work on home projects but all I have done so far is assemble a shelf in the garage and organize it."
- Daniella Zucker, Strategy and Innovation in Retail and Design


"We have been keeping up with our workouts. We have still been “attending” church on Sundays and starting to do FaceTime happy hours with friends. Lots of gardening and organizing the house."
- Justin Liu, Vice President of Purchasing