Supergirl Pro 2016 Recap

JLab Audio was proud to support the Supergirl Pro Series for the second straight year. While the best female surfers in the world compete on the waves, there's non-stop music and activities on the sand.

Not only do we have the best weather, beaches, and crowd here in Oceanside, we're stoked to support the largest female surf competition in the world! Looking to specifically showcase girls in action sports and celebrate female strength, independence, and empowerment, we joined forces to develop the Supergirl Pro Sound Session Presented by JLab Audio. After our launch of the Flex Over-Ear Studio Headphones, supporting women in the music industry, specifically in the DJ community, is exactly how we wanted to show our support. Thus, an all female LIVE DJ competition was born!  


Supergirl Surfers

While our DJ's were getting ready to hit the stage, more than 150 of the top females in action sports, including Coco Ho (2016 Champion), Malia Manuel (2016 2nd place), Laura Enever (2016 3rd place), Tatiana Weston-Webb (2015 Champion), Sage Erickson (2015 2nd place), Courtney Conlogue (2015 3rd place), prepped for their big heats. 

Among those top contenders, we had the pleasure of hanging out with and cheering on #TeamJLab Ambassadors Zoe McDougall (9th Place Finish!), Kloee Openshaw, Brooke Daignealt, Kayla Coscino, Kayla Durden! If you haven't yet, give these girls a follow and show your support!

#TeamJLab Pro Surfers support Sound Session by JLab: Kayla Durden, Shannon (JLab Marketing Team), Brooke Daignealt, and Kloee Openshaw.

Supergirl Pro Sound Session Presented by JLab Audio

While those top 150 surfers were paddling out, the Supergirl Pro Sound Session DJ's were battling it out! It was going off on the Oceanside Pier Amphitheater stage with 5 DJ's competing, 8-minute sets, a crowd ready to dance, and one champion to be named. Cue the EDM music battle!

 DJ's: DJ FlossyDJ LaurenDJ DopamineDJ Pocket, DJ ReRe

Special Guest Judges: Grammy Award Winning Producer Dave AudeDJ Diamond, and JLab Audio CEO Win Cramer

They didn't make it easy for our judges panel, but they narrowed it down to two finalists, DJ DOPAMINE and DJ Lauren. These two ladies hit the stage and blew us away with their sets. Finally a champion was named, DJ DOPAMINE

With JLab Audio's CEO Win Cramer being such a generous guy, we also extended an endorsement deal to DJ Lauren, our second place winner, as well!

HUGE congrats to these two awesome DJ's! We're happy to welcome you to #TeamJLab!

Limited Edition Supergirl Pro Crasher Mini Speaker

As part of our Supergirl Pro celebration, we created a one-of-a-kind LIMITED EDITION Supergirl Pro Pink Crasher Mini Bluetooth Speaker! What better way to celebrate confident, smart, independent and beautiful women than with music to rock out with. 


Supergirl Pro Winner

After the Sound Session came to an end, we were able to enjoy the final days of the Supergirl Pro Surf Competition, and wow, we were blown away. The talent of these women in the water was truly amazing, making it difficult to choose a winner of the JLab Audio Break Free Award (Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds, Omni Bluetooth Headphones, and a Crasher Slim Speaker). But all in all, the athlete who embodied the JLab Audio spirit and broke free from the rest of the competition with her hard work and perseverance, was Supergirl Pro Champion, Coco Ho!


Congrats to all the ladies of The Supergirl Pro! This year was a huge success for so many women out at the comp, but also for JLab Audio! We had so much fun and hope to see you out there next year!

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