#TeamJLab Star Runner Nadia Ruiz

Nadia Ruiz is much more than a star marathon runner and triathlete; she is a teacher, friend, daughter, and inspiration. She also recently completed her 130th marathon, so to honor her huge accomplishment, we wanted to share her story. 


 We've all met those individuals that respond to any form of cardio with a big "ugh", but this will never be Nadia's reaction to such activities. At 32, she has completed 130 marathons, 67 half marathons, 11 ultras, and 5 Ironmans. She ran her first marathon at age 14 side by side with her dad, while crossing the finish line in tears together she says, "it was the first marathon that changed me from that day forward. I wanted more."

From there she would go train every morning and evening while teaching full time, earning her Master's Degree, and taking car of her dogs (who are often seen running with her). While many people make the excuse that they don't have time, Nadia doesn't believe in this excuse.

"Time is a human constructed concept. If we allow ourselves to create excuses, then time will control us. The moment we acknowledge and accept that we are in complete control of our time then we can more effectively manage our time."

Nadia tries to disconnect from trivial life distractions such as her phone and rarely watches TV, if at all, to make time for the real joys in life. She believes there is a time and place for everything, that being said, if your goal is to get out there and complete a marathon then devote your spare time to training. No excuses. 

When in doubt Nadia turns to her parents for inspiration. They inspire her day in and day out through their "fervent dedication and work ethic". Just like any athlete, she has her good days and struggle days. Through bad days she stays motivated by reminding herself of those harder times, and that she was able to overcome them. Running has given her the gift of knowing that no matter where she is in life, she can turn to running for any emotion. 



"Sometimes we all need to be reminded no matter how strong we are that we are human. It is ok to hurt, but we have to pick ourselves up and keep on going."

Running 26.2 miles at once, or even swimming, biking, and running all in the same race might sound scary or impossible to many, if you're unsure how to start Nadia puts it simply, "Everyone starts with the first step." 

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