Technology: Bluetooth Multipoint and how it works


Bluetooth multipoint is a feature that allows headphones and earbuds to connect and maintain a connection to multiple devices at once.  Multipoint allows users to seamlessly switch between devices, such as a computer and phone. The GO Work allows you to transition between your devices without touching any settings!*

Multipoint technology is a great asset to increase productivity and always be aware of incoming calls and notifications! Multipoint helps you #FindYourGO!

*multipoint does not allow audio from two devices to be played at the same time. 

HOW TO USE MULTIPOINT: To switch between devices pause all audio on your FIRST device and simply begin playing on the SECOND device.



  • While listening to a podcast on your computer, you can answer a call through the GO Work and multipoint will seamlessly switch Bluetooth connection to your phone.

  • If you’re listening to music from your phone and need to join a zoom call from your computer, you can switch your connection by pausing your music on your phone to switch connection and join your call.

  • If you’re watching a video on your computer and want to enjoy music on your phone instead, pause all audio on your computer and start listening from your phone.

How to use Bluetooth Multipoint?

  1. Once FIRST device is connected, turn OFF Bluetooth in device settings. The headphones will auto enter Bluetooth Pairing (blue and red blinking light).
  2. Enter your SECOND device Bluetooth settings and connect. Stay connected and follow step 3.
  3. Enter your FIRST device settings and turn ON Bluetooth and reconnect to the headphones. Both devices should now be connected
  4. Now, anytime the headphones will turn on, they will reconnect to both devices. Click here for instruction guide
  • Multipoint will not play media/music simultaneous on devices. Each device will first need to be paused followed by playing on the other device to function properly.
  • When pausing media/music from FIRST device and then play from SECOND device, the media playback will take 3-8 seconds to resume on SECOND depending on device and app being used.