The Party Series: Awards & Acknowledgments

At the beginning of the year, we stepped into the multiroom speaker scene knowing we would make a splash. Launching our Party Series Wireless Multiroom Bluetooth Speakers, we did what most haven't done yet. The Party Series allow you to cast and connect as many as eight of either the House Party or the Block Party throughout your home...but without an app, WiFi, or wires. 


In case you needed another reason to buy one, or eight, we wanted to roundup all the awards and acknowledgements the speakers have already won (because everyone else finds them awesome too). 

1. Digital Trends gave the Block Party an Editors' Choice Award and the House Party a Recommended Product acknowledgement.

  • "JLab’s Block Party is a powerful and high-quality way to embrace multiroom audio at a shockingly low price."

  • "Offering convenience, affordability, and plenty of punch, JLab’s House Party speaker is locked and loaded for portable multiroom sound."

2. Dealerscope unboxed the Party Series and said "JLab's product is unlike anything we've seen in this market space."

3. PC Mag gave the Block Party an Editors' Choice Award and included it in their roundup of "Best Bluetooth Speakers 2017" 

4. Dealerscope gave the Block Party a 2017 Impact! Award

5. The Party Series won a 2017 CES Innovation Award

6. GQ featured the Party Series in an editorial spread for great camping products.

7. Extra TV featured the Party Series and did an audience giveaway with the House Party.