True Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

We focused on creating a secure, uninterrupted Bluetooth connection in the Epic Air. While other true wireless products struggle with the cross-body connection and have consistent cut-out issues**, JLab’s first-ever antenna earhook is designed with the Bluetooth antenna in both the right and left side to ensure the strongest connection yet. The earbud to earbud connection finds its way around the back of your neck avoiding any interferences, which no other true wireless earbud does.

Bluetooth antenna earhooks

Using Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX Technology in the earhook design, creates a clear music streaming quality. With Beacon™ Signal Technology built in both antennas, your device can connect to either earbud. This provides unsurpassed connectivity and reduces environmental detuning. Make calls. Listen to music. Do work. All from up to 30 feet away. It’s wireless sound at its best.


Epic Air Connectivity

  1. Select the Main Earbud based on your device location. If you keep your device on your right side, connect to the right earbud (marked R on the inside) to connect to your device. If you keep your device on your left side, connect to the left earbud (marked L).
  2. Follow the correct steps to connect.A. Pair to Bluetooth (Connect the Main Earbud). B. Connect the Main Earbud to the 2nd. Often people try to connect both earbuds directly to their phone. This confuses the earbuds/device. The connection will work as shown below (A is the main Bluetooth connection and B is the ‘hand-shake’ connection from one earbud to the secondary earbud).
  3. The earbuds are smart! They’ll learn how they are used and the connection will improve as it dials itself in. The longer you use them the better the connection becomes as the earbuds begin to understand the shape of your head. The broadcast signal from one earbud to the other will become more precise.
  4. When in doubt, repair the connection. Turn off both earbuds. Forget the earbuds on your Bluetooth device. Then run through the steps A, B to reconnect it.
  5. Every head shape is different. We’ve optimized the earbud-to-earbud connection for all heads – but everyone is different. If you still have issues, please reach out to

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