Using the correct eartip is important

You might think using the eartip that comes on the earbud is totally fine, and for some of you it might be. But it might actually make a huge difference in your earbud purchase to use a higher quality eartip or even just a different size. We have some tips to help you figure out if you’re using the correct eartip.

Do your earbuds fall out easily?
You might be using too big of an eartip. It may easily fit in your ear but if it feels like the eartip is coming lose or popping out then it’s too big. Getting a good fit will be a game-changer when you go to exercise with your buds. 

Girl with jbuds air

Do you hear a lot of unwanted background noise?
This means your eartip is too small. If you’re hearing the noise around you in the mix of your music then you’re using too small of an eartip and it’s not a proper seal. This could also be affecting how your music sounds...

Does your music sound wrong?
This could also be a case of too small of an eartip as well. It’s again not giving you a proper seal and you’re not hearing your music clearly. When using a larger tip you'll hear your the notes more clear in your ear, and with a medium tip you'll experience a more bass-heavy sound. 

Do your eartips cause ear fatigue after awhile?
You might need our Cloud Foam tips! The memory foam fabric can be much more comfortable than the silicone earbuds that come with your earbud. They’ll expand to a perfect fit and seal for each individual ear. Lucky for you, most of our new earbuds come with a pair of our Cloud Foam, such as the Epic Air Elite. 

Epic Air Elite in case

How can you tell if your music sounds wrong?
Listen to the same song when trying different eartips in. You'll notice a difference with each one and can determine which sound (and fit) is best for you!

If you want to read more information on finding the correct eartip to use and why it's important head over to the Sound Guys article How your in-ears fit matters a lot.