What's new, upgraded:
Epic Air Elite

The Epic Air Elite is the second generation of JLab's true wireless earbud. The original Epic Air were one of the earlier true wireless to be released - beating Apple AirPods to the market even. With its fitness focused design, the Epic Air impressed editors and received top picks from PC Mag, Reviewed.com, Mashable and Consumer Reports to name a few. 

"Our testers found that the JLab Audio Epic Airproduced admirable audio quality, outperformingother truly wireless headphones, including thepopular Apple AirPods." -Consumer Reports

What's upgraded in the Epic Air Elite, 2nd generation true wireless:

2+ hours more in the charging case.

As if having the best battery life in the category wasn’t enough with our first generation, we added more power to the charging case of the Epic Air Elite. The new charging case has 2600 mAh, up from 2200 with the previous version. Plus unlike others in the market, the Epic Air Elite case allows you to charge out to your phone, tablet, etc.

Charging case for Epic Air Elite

Enhanced connectivity.

Utilizing an upgraded Class 1 Bluetooth connection makes the earbud-to-device and earbud-to-earbud connections much stronger and more stable – especially in real-world environments with barriers, exercise equipment, etc. This stronger radio frequency means you can be further away from your device or phone than previous versions and the connection between the two earbuds is much stronger. Additionally, the earbuds now automatically connect with each other and then you connect one to your Bluetooth-enabled device, simplifying the set-up process for the Epic Air Elite. Learn more about Bluetooth here.

true wireless connection

New! Be Aware Audio Technology.

This allows natural ambient noise in to hear your surroundings. You can turn this on or off when needed. It’s a great feature to use when running outside – so you hear cars approaching, keeping you safe. It can also work great for having conversations – placing your order at the coffee shop or doing a workout with a gym buddy.

Be Aware Technology allows ambient noise in

New! Custom EQ3 Sound.

Choose between three sounds for your preferred tune: Signature, Balanced, or Bass Boost. By holding both Left and Right earbuds together for 3+ seconds you can cycle through the three settings to find your preference.

Custom EQ3 Sound


Phone calls are even better.

In the original Epic Air earbuds the audio from phone calls only came through one earbud. The Epic Air Elite allows you to hear phone calls in BOTH earbuds. This is a large upgrade, your calls will sound clearer and crisper than before. 



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