When a celebrity endorser steals your idea

Before there was Beats x Kim, there was JLab x Win. The JLab team was honored to see the video announcement of the Beats x Kim launch emulating our GO Air Tones. We announced GO Air Tones in December 2021 prior to the CES show and it was a big hit. There wasn’t anything like it in consumer tech or true wireless earbuds.

We’re thrilled to see Beats x Kim building off our idea by charging 10 times more for their product and throwing in a celebrity endorsement as well. (Even The Sun picked up on it.) Now, there are two great options for people who want neutral colored earbuds that offer a variety of neutral undertones, cool toned, and warm tones. One has a longer playtime, great sound quality and more color options and is $25, and the other is $200, endorsed by a reality TV star.

What people are saying

People on Twitter were quick to catch it and were already aware of our longer playtime and more color options:

The sincerest form of flattery

The Beats Fit Pro x Kim Kardashian launched with a behind the scenes video talking about what inspired the three colors they announced as she's branching out from KKW Beauty.

Having a little fun

Not to be outdone, our own Win Cramer wanted to share his vision for the JLab Go Air Tones.

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