Workout Essentials by Salty Blondes Fashion Bloggers

Salty Blondes #RockItOut with JLab Audio

The #2 Workout Essential named by super babe fashion bloggers, Salty Blondes, was the OMNI Bluetooth Wireless Headphones and the Epic Premium Earbuds. Falling short of the #1 spot to "a cute workout outfit...of course", can't surprise us from these fashionistas. 

"You guys HAVE to check out JLab Audio. Paige's white & gold earbuds are so so comfortable, and stay in amazingly well, and Regan's bluetooth headphones are seriously incredible. Listening to some good tunes during a workout is most definitely a priority for us."

Not only do Paige and Regan, seen above, kick serious booty in fashion, they delve into every thing from fitness, beauty, recipes, shopping and more.

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