Time Magazine August 2015

Time Magazine published the article 7 Great Gadgets for Back to School in August. John Patrick Pullen writes: 

An unconventional educational tool to be sure, a good pair of headphones can be invaluable to students in a number of ways, from blocking out distractions in the library to helping to clear an algebra-garbed mind. With ten hours of playtime, these $99 wireless earbuds can outlast any study session, and with Bluetooth 4.0, you can wander up to 30 feet from your music player, if pacing helps you think.

The low-profile headphones are also a better choice for students than big over-the-ear cans because they take up less space in a backpack. And if they happen to rub up against a water bottle in there, don’t worry — the buds are IPX4-rated to be resistant to water splashes. Just don’t wear them to your water aerobics elective.