In Case You Missed It: JLab Audio Revealed Epic Air Bluetooth Earbud

In case you missed our big announcement last week, here's a little recap...

JLab Audio revealed and launched for preorder, our Epic Air Bluetooth Earbuds, the first true wireless earbud in our line of products. We took our first generation Epic Bluetooth Wireless Earbud and its next gen Epic2, to give you our best Bluetooth connection earbud yet. 

We got rid of all the wires and created a secure design to eliminate any worry of them falling out of your ears. On top of the unique design, we built our patent-pending antenna earhook which provides you with a Bluetooth connection in both earbuds. This creates a stronger, more reliable connection to your device. 

Learn more and preorder them here!

The Epic Air have generated a lot of buzz in the last week and we're pretty excited about it, here's some attention they've received from some popular tech sites:

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