Kid's Headphones Segment on NBC Nightly News

Last night, The Wirecutter's knowledgeable headphones editor, Lauren Dragan, was featured on NBC's Nightly News to talk more about kid's headphones, safe listening, and the importance of volume limiters after her and Brent Butterworth's in depth article "The Best Kid's Headphones".

"Recent analysis of 30 children’s headphones found that nearly half of the products advertised as having volume limits actually allowed sounds to play above safe levels." -NBC

JLab Audio's JBuddies Studio Over Ear Folding Kids Headphones passed The Wirecutter's test as a volume safe headphone with our built in volume limiter. The twins that you see featured in NBC's airing are actually wearing our headphones and are indeed safe for them to use! 

Read more about us in "Tips for Using Kid's Headphones Safely" and "Kid's Headphones and Safe Listening". 

Check out NBC's segment: