The Wirecutter: The Best Kids Headphones

Our favorite tech site, The Wirecutter, recently did an in depth test on the best kids headphones around. What better way to put everyone's headphones to the test than to actually let kids try them out? And boy does it sound like they were honest.

Lauren Dragan discussed the step by step process in their article "The Best Kids Headphones". For the littler ones they had them try on each set of headphones and asked what they (honestly) thought as they went. For the older ones they let them try each pair on at their own pace and then had a group discussion on what they did or didn't like. Then they put the headphones to a more physical test, with a series of stomping, tugging, twisting, and toddler teeth involved. 

Thankfully, JLab's JBuddies Studio Over Ear Folding Kids Headphones held up to all their tests landing us as the runner up for the best headphones for big kids! Make sure you read the full in depth article

[Photo Credit: The Wirecutter]

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