JLab Employee Top Picks

Here are top picks for Team JLab. We are a diverse team - and we each use audio in many different ways in our diverse lives to GO work, GO play and GO inspired. Here's what #TeamJLab uses to #FINDYOURGO.

Win's Picks:

  1. Epic Air Elite:  I love ear-hook designs as they feel more secure for me.  Love the battery life on these for long flights and the quick charge case is awesome too.
  2. JBuds Air: Quick. Easy.  Comfortable, and the sound punches above their weight class. My “go to” if just hanging out.
  3. Rewind Headphones: Easily my favorite headphone of all time.  They’re SO LIGHT I can barely tell I’m wearing them!  Stunning looks too.

Pat's Picks:

  1. Epic Executive Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds. The Epic travel companion! Plenty of battery when I’m on the GO, and the power to drown out the distractions.

  2. JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds. Compact, convenient, care-free audio that get’s the job done no matter where I GO!

  3. Crasher XL Bluetooth Speaker. At the beach, in the backyard or on the golf course, the Crasher XL brings the party everywhere I GO!

Terra's Picks:

  1. JBuds Air True Wireless: If you or someone has been thinking about the Apple AirPods - these are perfect and only $49. Great for adults - especially the techy ones in your life.
  2. Rewind Wireless Headphones. These are so comfortable and I love the simplicity of them.
  3. JBuddies Studio Kids Headphones. As a mom, I always recommend these especially for elementary and middle school kids. They are sleek enough to grow up with your kids when they outgrow Frozen or Trolls.

Brian's Picks:

  1. Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds.  I love these for my cardio workouts.  They are super comfortable and the sound quality is phenomenal.
  2. Flex Sport Wireless Headphones. Easily the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned.  Being able to use the tension bands to adjust to my fit and the ability to wash the ear pads it makes for the perfect set of headphones.
  3. Crasher XL. The sound on this speaker is incredible and I love using it every time I’m on the golf course or just chilling at home.

Alex's Picks:

  1. Epic Sport Wireless Earbuds. The best go-to running earbud. They stay perfectly in place and are so easy to control while on the move. 
  2. Flex Sport Wireless Headphones. My favorite gym headphone to tune out the noise around me and focus. The ability to customize the fit is my favorite part, I can set them so they will never slip or budge. 
  3. JBuds Pro Bluetooth Signature Earbuds. For flights and traveling these are so simple to use and easy to bring along. I always have them in my travel bag. 

Shannon's Picks:

  1. JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds. I have tiny ears and these little guys are the best fitting, most comfortable wireless earbuds out there! They stay nice and snug without fatiguing my ears after long periods of use. Not to mention they sound incredible and the ease of True Wireless will change your life! 
  2. OMNI Bluetooth Headphones. Ditto to what Augie says + the control wheel is pretty cool versus clicking buttons.
  3. House Party Multiroom Speakers. These are the coolest speakers on the planet! You can connect up to 8 of them so walking room to room listening to your favorite music uninterrupted is awesome. They're great for parties, offices, outdoor gatherings, beach days, you name it!

Augie's Picks:

  1. Rewind Wireless Headphones. Whether you're an old fart like me who enjoys rewinding to the good ol' days or a young pup who can just appreciate a great simple design, these are the headphones for you. They're ridiculously inexpensive for all the features you get and super comfy.
  2. Crasher Micro Bluetooth Speaker. We have these bad boys in practically every room of our home. They are absolutely amazing for their size and great for playing some music while you work away.
  3. OMNI Bluetooth Headphones. When I'm relaxing and want more sound than I can get out of the lightweight Rewinds, I go with the OMNI. These kick out some phenomenal sound and if you run out of battery charge, you can simply plug in using the aux cord included and keep on keepin' on.

Ryan's Picks:

  1. Epic Executive Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds. These are perfect as I travel a lot. The noise cancelling is great for the peace and quiet I demand on flights and the 3.5mm attachment makes it great to watch movies.

  2. Flex Sport Headphones. Possibly JLab Audio’s most comfortable pair of headphones. Excellent for the gym and my go to for everyday listening.

  3. Crasher Slim. Great sounding speaker and a perfect size for all occasions. I use this primarily in the bedroom and transfer it to my son’s room for bedtime to play bedtime music. Battery lasts forever!

Madison's Picks:

  1. Flex Sport. Very lightweight but durable for any workout. The tension bands are so helpful for your most intense workouts as it keeps them in place. Lastly, being able to wash the earpads is a complete game changer.
  2. Rewind Icon. So sleek yet so affordable. Perfect everyday headphone while sitting at work. So lightweight but pack a punch.
  3. JBuds Air True Wireless. All the rage right now and I am hopping on board. These can go with you anywhere, whether you’re going to work or to work out- they are perfect for any occasion.

Layton's Picks:

  1. Block Party. I am inspired by the Bluetooth technology to link multiple speakers together: Best idea ever.  This product along with the House Party create an awesome party environment with crystal clear sound.  It’s my number 1 choice hands down!
  2. Neon Bluetooth wireless on-ear headphones. This product gives me noise free relaxation at home, free from the constant abuse of my children’s devices playing conflicting videos as they aimlessly roam through the house in a zombie like state.
  3. Crasher XL. Perfect fit for a portable party.  This item is great for sharing your favorite sounds in a team locker room.  I personally think it sounds better than anything else on the market and the brilliant blue color catches your eye from anywhere in the room.

Reed's Picks:

  1. JBuds Air. I love the rock-solid connection, sound quality, and comfort that these provide. The value is incredible considering how many features are packed in these true wireless earbuds.
  2. Epic Air Elite. These are my go-to for the gym or traveling. I get the most secure fit and the touch controls are effortless. The battery also lasts 6+ hours for those cross-country plane rides.
  3. Crasher XL. Its portable, rugged, and packs a punch. I’ve taken it on every trip and latch it around my backpack with the paracord strap.

Mike's Picks:

  1. JBuds Air. These lightweight and compact True Wireless earbuds are what I consider to be the best value for your dollar in the entire portable audio market.  Love that I can slip the case in my pocket during travel and that the auto-connect is seamless when you pull them out of the case.
  2. Epic Executive ANC Earbuds: For those long cross country or international flights, these guys can make the outside world disappear. I love not having to worry about recharging these the entire trip.
  3. JBuddies Folding.  Compact, a decibel limiter, and well behaved kids on road trips.  Need I say more?

Izzy's Picks:

  1. JBuds Air. My new favorite gym buddy - these are versatile for any exercise and won’t fall out! I love how snug and discrete these are, and the connection is excellent. I am able to walk halfway across my gym before they start cutting out. There are so many features and value built into these buds!
  2. Block Party. This speaker is LOUD, durable, and can bring a party to life. I love that multiple Block Parties can connect to each other, and I usually use 2-3 outside for pool parties. Plus, they’re portable so I can just bring them inside at night and keep the music going.

  3. Epic Sport. These are my favorite for running. They fit well and stay put – I hardly feel them! The freedom of wireless let’s me focus, the sound is incredible, and there’s no beating the battery life.

Jennifer's Picks:

  1. Flex Sport. These are my newest “GO to”… I love the adjustable/padded tension band (I totally have a peanut-head); it makes them incredibly comfortable!   The sound settings are awesome, and they’ve got washable earpads!

  2. JBuds Air. These are what I call my “pop-n-GO”; so convenient… just pop them in and GO!  The “auto-on / connect” feature rocks!

  3. Rewind Retro Wireless Headphones. I don’t know anything else on the market with the look, feel (light as air!) and sound that these have for only $20!! 

Justin's Picks:

  1. Epic Air Elite. These are my GO-to earbuds at the gym. They fit me perfectly so I never have to worry about adjusting them mid-workout. The charging case makes it really convenient because I don’t have to worry about charging them for weeks. I also like the Be Aware Audio feature because sometimes I like to hear what’s going on around me at the gym.

  2. JBuds Air. Perfectly small and convenient for carrying with me everywhere. With the built-in charging cable, I love how easy it is to charge the charging case.

  3. A new top-secret product ... to be released. Amazing sound with a comfortable/relaxed fit. My current GO-to for long flights and travel. 

Matt's Picks:

  1. JBuds Air – Best bang for your buck. They’re comfortable, compact, have great battery life, fit and sound great.  I dare you to find a better value in true wireless.

  2. Epic Exec – My go to when travelling.  I’m bad with charging them because they’re always in my backpack.  I love that if the battery dies I have the option to plug in.  I also don’t want to hear the jet engine, you, or your kids. 

  3. Crasher XL – Our best speaker.  You’ll find me using it at the beach, the pool, or lounging around the house.