Find JLab in Top Movies & Shows

During the first half of 2021, JLab received several noteworthy product placements in recent film and television series. Three of the releases either ranked #1 or was recognized as a top performer. 

Disney+ Placement 

Loki, Disney/Marvel's largest TV series premiere to date was streamed in 2.5 million households in the first 5 days. JLab appeared in the 2nd episode and was featured with our eye-catching JLab blue product display, along with additional product placements in the background. 

Netflix Placements  

Army of the Dead 

Army of the Dead placed our Rewind Headphones on a main character, Ludwig, and was ranked #1 on Netflix during its release. 


Manifest placed our JBuddies Wireless Studio Headphones in their series and is currently ranked #1 on Netflix as of July 2021.


Amazon Prime Placement

The Marksman, starring Liam Neeson, had an appearance of our Studio Pro Wireless Headphones